St. Martin's SCRIP program is run in conjunction with Great Plains Lutheran High School (GPLHS). Fifty percent of proceeds automatically go to GPLHS and the other fifty percent of proceeds from the purchase of SCRIP may be designated in one of the following ways:

-as a contribution to GPLHS
-as a contribution to St. Martin's - money designated in this way is used for St. Martin's tuition assistance program
-as a tuition credit for a GPLHS family
-as a tuition rebate fo a future GPLHS student
-as a cash rebate to you which could be used to pay your St. Martins' tuition

These designations apply only if you have completed a GPLHS Scrip Program agreement. Agreements need to be returned to GPLHS. Information is available from GPLHS about how to make purchases that will be designated as you indicate.

If you purchase cards that are avaialble in St. Martin's office (Walmart, County Fair, HyVee, or Pizza Ranch) GPLHS receives 50% of the proceeds and St. Martin's gets 50% of the proceeds. St. Martin's uses these proceeds for our tuition assistance program.

SCRIP Order Forms are available in the St. Martin's office or by clicking on the link. If you choose to return 50% of your earnings to St. Martin's that money will be used for St. Martin's tuition assistance program. Order forms need to be dropped off with payment by 9:45am on Monday either in St. Martin's office or at GPLHS.  Please speak with GPLHS about how order forms work with the GPLHS Scrip Program agreement.

Phone - 886-0672