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St. Martin’s concern for elementary Christian education actually goes back to 1914 when the congregation first opened a school.  The school operated for five years, until 1919, when it was closed due to lack of funds. Then in 1957, under the guidance of Pastor Walter Schumann, St. Martin’s once again opened a school with fifteen students enrolled.  In 1959, at a cost of $115,000.00, the congregation built a facility to house the school. The facility included three classrooms, restrooms and a multi-purpose room. In 1969, the gym, a kitchen, and another classroom were added. In 1976, a kindergarten room was added, and in 1979 another classroom and office space was added. In 1989, four classrooms and a cafeteria were added to the building. In the years that followed the building of the church, the new school kitchen was completed along with the new locker rooms and the new wood floor and bleachers for the gymnasium.

Over the years God has blessed St. Martin's with dedicated teachers and pastors who have taught the truths of God's Word to children enrolled in our school. By God's grace, that teaching of God's truths continues today and will continue long into the future.